Company Profile

1467797782884379.jpgGuangzhou food Kekang Health Food Co., Ltd.,  is a professional engaged in health food and infant formula foods, nutritional supplements products R & D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, is the Guangdong health products industry is the most competitive brands. The company has a food production license and health food production license standard workshop, various forms of health food and nutritional supplement products can be produced at the same time, products strictly in accordance with HACCP food safety management standards production, and reached the United States FDA standard.

The cacom Health Food Co., Ltd. Guangzhou food, specializing in tablet, powder, granules, capsules and other specifications of the various types of health food manufacturing. Companies through candy products, beverages, health food, infant formula, special medical use formula food, special food production license certification, to meet the needs of the development needs of customers. Production workshop to implement automatic operation, equipped with advanced 3D mixing equipment, granulating equipment, drying equipment, automatic high speed tablet press machine, fully automatic hard gelatin capsule filling machine, film coating equipment, full automatic granule, powder packing machine, tablet automatic grain filling production line, automatic labeling inkjet printer and advanced equipment, realize the optimization of the process, improve production efficiency, ensure the quality of products.

Guangzhou food Kekang Health Food Co., Ltd., has a set of effective quality management system, implementation of GMP good manufacturing practices, specifically quality specialist QA, QC, to international quality management standards, enterprises to standardize the production behavior, enterprise management system, processes, forms, standardization.

Guangzhou food Kekang Health Food Co., Ltd., located in Huadu District of Guangzhou City Jinghu industrial area, industrial area brought together health food, daily skincare industry hundreds of well-known domestic manufacturers. Company location and convenient transportation, 8 kilometers away from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 10 minutes by car.

Guangzhou food Kekang Health Food Co., Ltd., to Japan, the United States, France, Australia, Malaysia, Taiwan and other multiple international well-known material suppliers and health food research institutions to rely on, for global customers with a one-stop provide product planning, formulation development, packaging design, material purchasing, health food production, processing, warehousing, logistics as a whole solution.