Health food

Health Food

1, enhance immunity. 2, improve sleep. 3, relieve physical fatigue.

4, enhance the ability of hypoxia tolerance

5, the radiation hazards have auxiliary protection function. 6, increase bone density. 

7, the chemical liver injury has auxiliary protection function. 8, relieve visual fatigue. 9, remove acne. 10, remove the yellow brown spot. 

11, to improve the skin moisture12, to improve the skin oil. 13, weight loss. 14, assist in lowering blood sugar. 

15, improve the growth and development16, antioxidant. 17, improve nutritional anemia. 18, assist to improve memory.

 19, regulation of intestinal flora20, to promote the discharge of lead. 21, to promote digestion. 22, qingyan. 

23, the gastric mucosa with auxiliary protection function.

24, promote lactation. 25, the general will. 26, assist in lowering blood pressure. 27, auxiliary lowering blood fat